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Cashback + Donkr Race + Signup Bonus

Join Stan James with Donkr and take part at the biggest exclusive race on the Microgaming network! Stan James guarantees an excellent customer support, great value and prompt payments.

Donkr Promotions

$4,000 Exclusive Flip Tournament

Players need to earn at least 100 poker loyalty points ($1 rake =10 flip points) during the promo period to start the freeroll with 1 chip. (1st – end of each month)

For every 10 flip points ($1 rake) over the 100 points to qualify players are rewarded 3 extra chips:

Player A generates 150 loyalty points during the promotional period; he or she will start the tournament with 6 chips

Player B generates 10,100 loyalty points during the promotional period; he or she will start the tournament with 3,001 chips.

Donkr Flip Race

According to the Donkr Flip Race an additional positional chip bonus is added to the starting chips for each player participating at our monthly Flip Tournament.

1st placed 500,000 bonus chips
2nd placed 225,000 bonus chips
3rd placed 100,000 bonus chips
4th placed 40,000 bonus chips
5th placed 30,000 bonus chips
6th placed 20,000 bonus chips
7th placed 10,000 bonus chips
8th placed 5,000 bonus chips
9th placed 2,000 bonus chips
10th placed 1,000 bonus chips

200% up to $1,250 Signup Bonus

Upon your first deposit you will receive a 200% up to $1,250 Signup Bonus. The bonus clears in convenient increments at 20% with an expiry of 60 days.

Global Promotions

$10,000 Main Flip Tournament
€2,000 MPNPT Freeby
50% Reload Bonus Up To $250
€30,000 Depositor Freerolls
€500 Guaranteed Flush Royale


Stan James offers all Donkr player 30% flat cashback. Players can convert 10% of their cashback at any time in the client while 20% are paid every thursday directly into the poker account.

Free Money Offers

$10 Free Bounty Tournament Tickets